Remanufactured Broaching Machines

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Used Broaching Machine

Used Broach Machine

Ty Miles, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of High Speed Broaching Machines. We also offer Production Broaching and machining / manufacturing services. 
We have many used or reconditioned broach machines available utilizing different cutting strokes and tonnages.
We have over fifty years experience and knowledge in the 
manufacturing sector, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
We are located just outside Chicago, IL and we would appreciate your consideration on any upcoming manufacturing projects you may have.
If you have any questions, or would like to receive information and / or a proposal, please feel free
to contact me.

Steven M. Mueller
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Machine Remanufacturing Service
Ty Miles Inc. can also Remanufacture your existing machine.

* Breath new life into a worn out machine! 
* Recondition ram column assembly.
* New or reconditioned tooling.
* New electrical and PLC components. 
* New hydraulic components.
* New pneumatic components.
* New lubrication system.
* Clean and paint

Used Broaching Machines Used Broaching Equipment

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