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    Broaching is the world's fastest machining method!  


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Heavy Duty Broaching Machine

A good choice for deep "cutting" capabilities plus extremely fast
ram speeds (up to 240 FPM).
Ideal for broaching heavy cuts in difficult materials...
ductile iron castings, wrought alloys, stainless steels. Massive construction throughout.
When used with a Ty Miles reciprocating in-feed table system, multiple passes can be
programmed to "broach away" at extremely large metal removal jobs (one-inch deep is a cinch).
Also, two or more broaches can be mounted (in holders) on its wide ram so several workpieces
can be machined with each stroke. Separate hydraulic power system meets ram force (push/pull)
requirements up to 20 ton. Models: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60" stroke. Also available in a
CNC servo powered model, with servo controlled ram and fixture table.



High Speed Broaching Machines

Broaching Machine : Standard 
Broaching Machine : Heavy Duty 
Table Up Broachin
g Machine

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